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West London Islamic Centre Land Redevelopment Appeal
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Volunteer for the WLIC Redevelopment: Join the Team!

"Then as for him whose balance (of good deeds) will be heavy, He will live a pleasant life (in Paradise).” [Surah Qari'ah:6-7]
How many good deeds do you do a week...or do you only focus on refraining from bad deeds?
Is your balance of good deeds heavy...or could you spare one extra day this year?
How many more times in your life ... will you get an opportunity to do as something as rewarding as helping build a modern London Masjid & Islamic Centre?

West London Islamic Centre needs help with the redevelopment fundraising and is inviting you to make a promise, right now, to dedicate just 24 hours of your time this year to help build this amazing new London Masjid.
So even if you only have a spare couple of hours a month at home, at work or at you place of study, then please come forward and you could help us with:
•Organising TV appeals
•Helping with Facebook and other online campaigns
•Creating questionnaires and helping with market research
•Organizing sports days
•Creating and implementing new fundraising initiatives
•Getting involved with the decisions about the new facility
•Mentoring other volunteers
•Organizing collections all over the country
•Creating adverts for the local media
•Canvassing support with the business community
•And meeting and networking with a range of professionals & commuity organisatons.

Final question: If you helped build this masjid ... who would your reward be with?

"Then, as to those who Believed and did righteous Deeds, their Lord will Admit them to His Mercy: That will be the Achievement for all to see. [Surah Al-Jathiya:45-30]
Please contact the Fundraising Officer Br Ibraaheem Khutthan on 020 8840 4140 or email him at with your name and contact details,for your free information pack and get started today!

Jazakallah’Khair, may Allah (swt) accept this from you and us.

Everybody has something to offer the Deen of Allah