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West London Islamic Centre Land Redevelopment Appeal
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WLIC Ramadan Appeal 2012

Respected Brothers & Sisters

Assalamu’Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu,

We pray that you are experiencing the joy and blessings of Ramadan. May Allah (swt) accept your every act of obedience, fasting and prayer. Ameen

Alhamdu’Lillah, since we began our fundraising in November 2009, we have by Allah’s Grace, your support and the hard work of our volunteers raised £677,562.20 in the WLIC Redevelopment account. In difficult times for all charities, it is a commendable effort. Proving that the London Muslim community vision of a modern community centre & Masjid, serving all of London, young and old, is as strong as ever.

Seeking the pleasure of Allah (swt) and the prospect of a Masjid with unique educational, health, shopping, recreational and social facilities and services, is what drives us to continue our steady efforts to raise the money required to build this incredible beacon centre, Insha’Allah.

The recent social unrest and public disorder in London and across the UK, only underlines the reason why we need strong and inclusive institutions, which will facilitate our present and future generations to learn about Islam and inspire them to become active daee’s and citizens, realising their full spiritual and vocational aspirations whilst playing a leading role in the development of wider society.

It is in this month of blessings, when rewards and good deeds are multiplied many times, we ask you to support this noble project by making a special Ramadan donation. Please remember that giving in the way of Allah (swt) never diminishes our wealth, it in fact purifies and increases it. As Allah (swt) has informed us:

‘And whatsoever you spend of anything (in Allah’s cause) He will replace it. He is the best of those who grant sustenance.’ [Al-Qur’an 34:39]

Please donate generously, our request is £100, click here and donate online, by card on the phone, by cheque or by filling in a monthly standing order. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family to take their share of this amazing form of Sadaqah Jariyah by joining our £10 Friends & Family Appeal, find out more here.

JazakAllah’Khairun, may Allah (swt) accept it from you, grant you success and much happiness, Ameen. For the latest goings on at the Centre please visit the Masjid website at

In request of your Du’as


The WLIC Fundraising Committee.

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